They Want It That Way

By Deane Barker on October 26, 2005

BSB-I want it that way – Google Video: The meme of the moment: two Chinese youths (they look like students), in matching Yao Ming jerseys, lip-sync their way through the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” These guys join The Numa Guy as the most enthusiastic performance of the year.

What was the guy in the background doing? Playing a first-person shooter of some kind, it looks like. He did a great job of not noticing, though I half expected him to break into song at any moment.

These two made me feel good to be alive this morning.

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  1. I noticed that it’s gone down. Xeni Jardin was going on CNN to talk about it. I imagine getting Slashdotted doesn’t even compare to getting “CNNed.”

  2. Maybe this is a music video class and the guy in the background is actually doing the same thing set to U2 “Numb”.

  3. OK…what else do these guys do in their room that the guy in the background is not even phased by this? And how did the kid on the left hurt his hand? Fighting off lip-syncing groupies? 1 billion strong and these two are now more famous than the guy that blocked the tank.

  4. wahehehe!!!that was so funny as in totally hilarious!!!!hahhahahaha we all laughed out loud when we saw this video..were the two able to show their face again after Jacob spread the video????!!!!wahehhehe i guess not!!anyway how’s Jacob??was he the guy in tHe background?!?

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  11. Hello, I was wondering you might know what their reception song was that they danced to .. called ” I’d do that ” Who is the artist of that song?

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