From the “Invented Statistics Department”

By Deane Barker on October 25, 2005

My blog is worth $142,264.08.
How much is your blog worth?



  1. If Technorati thinks a blog is really worth that much, I will be happy to sell them one!

    The only real dollar value a thing has is what you can sell it for, or the value you get out of it. My car may have a “list price” of $20,000 but if buyers will only pay me $14,000 then that’s its worth in the market. If I don’t have a car, but need one to get to work each day, a $3000 junker is worth $25,000/year to me.

    Since most blogs do not create real (dollar-measurable) value, they should be measured in potential sale price.

  2. This whole this is based on the purchase of Weblogs Inc. by AOL.

    Someone divided the purchase price ($2.5 million) by their inbound links (via Technorati), and came up with $500-and-something per link as “the amount a blog was worth.”

    So this graphic up here just multiplies your inbound links by that number to come up with how much your site is “worth.” It’s a joke, really.

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