Interview with Jamie from Mythbusters

By Deane Barker on October 23, 2005

Interview with Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters: A great interview with one of the guys from MythBusters (the one with the mustache), which is sort of our theme show around here. This interview is short and not very deep, but does it have to be with exchanges like this?

Joe: What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever built?

Jamie: That would be a large list. To enter a room with the first robot I built would be to instantly spray the room bright red. I have a thing down in the shop right now that is remote controlled, very fast and has a fully automatic cannon on it.

We had some conversations about the show in our post on explosive decompression.

This is Jamie’s company: M5 Industries. Based on the looks of their portfolio, they do all right. Remember that 7-Up commercial with the vending machines that rolled around and shot cans of 7-Up at people? They did that.

2 Remote Controlled full-size vending machines mounted on tank treads. The Machines are loaded with 2 golf-kart-type-motors and are powered by 6 car batteries. One of the robots was configured differently internally with all the vital electronic components placed strategically in order to be able survive going into the ocean for the commercial.

What a job.

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  1. Well Jamie and his Mythbusters crony may be smart, inginuitive, creative, all that – but that show is crap. For the most part they are showing and spreading pseudo-science and passing it off as fact. People without science/technology/engineering backgrounds who watch that show will come away with huge misconceptions about the scientific method and experimentation. I know much of this is due to constraints on the show – time constraints, pressure to provide entertainment instead of actual science, pressure to prematurely draw final conclusions (i.e. “busted” or “true”) – but they’re doing a disservice to people who think they are watching a real-life science or engineering show.

  2. Jamie what is the coolest thing you did on mythbusters and what was the dumest thing you did. Adum you are funny but geting shot by a penny gun and you you cant stop falling IT IS PRISELES.

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