Most Remote Reader?

By Deane Barker on October 21, 2005

In the comments of the Fargo post, someone has revealed that they’re reading Gadgetopia from Mauritius, which is a little island off the coast of Madagascar, which is, in turn, a larger island off the coast of East Africa.

Is anyone more remote than that? Just curious.

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  1. Sorry Greg, but I have been to Fargo many time…not that I am proud to say that. I even attended Moorhead State Univ for a couple of years, just across the border from Fargo.

  2. I did a little calculating with the help of GMaps Pedometer. Some notes:

    • When we asked “how remote?” what did we mean? Distance from Sioux Falls? Distance from anywhere else?

      I don’t know, so I’ll do distance from Sioux Falls just for the sake of argument.

    • Mauritius wins, I think. It’s 10,230 miles from Sioux Falls to that island, or 9,780, depending on which direction you go or how the script is calculating it.

      Since they’re much more horizontal from Sioux Falls than Tasmania, I think it makes a difference what direction you fly, and I don’t know how the script chooses in this case.

      I just picked a spot in the middle of the island (there are no cities listed), but it’s a small island (compared to Tasmania, anyway).

    • It’s 9,230 miles from Sioux Falls to the middle of Tasmania. Again, I just picked a spot in the middle of the island.

    • Doing this will crash the script, just so you know (“A running script is causing Firefox to respond slowly…” or something.)

    Still, either or you are pretty friggin’ far away. Thanks for tuning in.

  3. Well, just want to pay a special ‘hello’ to my Australian and Tasmanian neighbours! Else, it’s ‘hi’ to everyone else. :)

  4. So where is the centre of the universe?

    I remember, years ago, when we tried living in Paris (France, Europe) the natives really had the idea that Paris was the centre of the universe. So I guess that makes Sioux Falls really rather remote.

    And I do sometimes feel that here in Noord Brabant (The Netherlands, Europe) we are slipping over the edge. One time Nicholas Negroponte, MIT (USA) came to the university here and preached about Europe being so unwired and backward. Well, now we have three physical networks into the house all capable of delivering broadband, so I suppose we should feel less insecure and less remote.

  5. Casual reader, viewing from Japan.

    I don’t have google maps, this being a Macintosh, but I would have to say that Tasmania is farther away than Madagascar. I’m basing this solely on how long it takes an airplane to get there.

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