By Deane Barker on October 20, 2005

WSYP Project: leverage customer feedback for software quality: Proof that Microsoft has a sense of humor. (I mean more proof than just the existence of PhotoDraw.)

(It’s a movie. Link to launch is in the right column.)



  1. So is the joke that you need to sign in through Passport, retrieve an emailed link they send to your Passport email, THEN return to the page, THEN give your personal info again (even though they already confirmed your Passport info) only to have the movie never start for me? I would have changed over to IE, except I would have to go through through process again.

    I am glad they have such good software quality practices.

    Was the movie worth watching?

  2. You don’t need passport. If you click “See a preview” in the link above you can see the entire clip without having to login with passport. Even if you login with passport you get one login screen and then direct access to the video stream. Passport can be a pain, but it is quite straight forward in this implementation.

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