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By Deane Barker on October 20, 2005

A long time ago, I did a user survey. It was relatively stupid, if truth be told, but it was kind of interesting to see how many people responded. The grand total was 56 or something, so not a big turnout.

Anyway, its two years later and the guys at FM Publishing have asked me to do another one so they can get an idea of just who you guys are and what you do.

I could couch this whole thing in really happy, shiny terms, but the bottom line is that if they know the type of person you are, they can sell ads for the site that hopefully have some closer relation to what you want to see than just something random.

I have reviewed the survey and it’s completely anonymous (aside from whatever logging they have on their Web server, of course). They just want some aggregate demographic information.

So, I know I’ve been asking for a lot of favors lately (tell me your screen resolution, send me a screencap, meet me in Fargo for a beer, etc.), but here’s another request: go take this survey. Here it is:

The Gadgetopia Visitor Survey
The survey is closed — thanks to everyone who participated.

If this survey takes you more than two minutes to complete, then you’re slow.

Two reasons why you want to take this survey:

  1. There’s a section for “Comments” at the end. Write something interesting here, would you? I’ve always felt that fields for “Comments” are grossly under-utilized.

    I will buy and send a six-pack of the beverage of your choice (within reason — let’s call it $20) to the person who tells me the most interesting thing in this field. Interesting about anything — I don’t care. Include your email if you want the prize.

    (Also, if you want to do me yet another favor, include your general geographic location in here, because I’m always interested in this. Yes, there’s a spot in the survey for country and zip code, but just jot down your general location in plain english for me.

    Note: If any of you are from Fargo, I will be very hurt.)

  2. I’ll try to publish some of the results so we can all find out a little more about who we all are. Self-discovery is a good thing.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I used to be a professional clown.

    I won’t believe it until you send a picture.

    BTW, I didn’t want to take the survey…

    Oh, come on. Humor me, Kalsey.

  2. This question was pretty annoying:

    Please tell us your job level:

    • CEO/President/Chairperson/Owner
    • VP/SVP/EVP
    • Director
    • Manager/Supervisor
    • Other staff position
    • Not currently employed

    I know that you didn’t put the survey together but do they really think that management really needed 5 of the 7 options for this question? Do they really think that Gadgetopia (not knocking it) really draws manager level and above people who just sit around and read the latest and greatest that Deane (and crew) decide to post? That’s somewhat funny. I’ve got 11 years of experience with analyst, developer, tech lead, etc. roles, and all I get to chose from is “Other staff position”?

    Oh, I forgot to include it in my comments, but I’m in Austin, TX. How’s the weather up there? We’re still waiting for it to get out of the 90’s!

  3. I just wrote no in the comments, didn’t read that you wanted us to write something so… err umm.. Let’s type something shall we.

    Most opportunities are missed because they come dressed in overalls and look like work.

    I am from Sydney Australia.

  4. Perhaps it should also be pointed out to the survey designers it is not unreasonable for someone to spend more than 10 but fewer than 15 hours a week online. And that, while hardly at all seems intended to mean ‘fewer than one hour per week’, it is entirely possible that some of this site’s readers would consider 1 to 5 hours (and even 5 to 10 hours) to be ‘hardly at all!’

    “In an average week, how much time do you spend viewing Internet content? Choices: Hardly at all, 1 to 5 hours, 5 to 10 hours, 15 to 25 hours, 25 to 40 hours, more than 40 hours.”

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