PHP Collaboration Project

By Deane Barker on October 20, 2005

PHP Collaboration Project: Zend has announced that they’re developing a new framework and “environment” for PHP.

[…] the initial focus is on two areas: the creation of an open source Zend PHP Framework and engagement with the Eclipse Foundation around PHP. Having a PHP IDE and framework will empower PHP developers with ready-built code, templates, and a productive environment within which to work. This will also improve the quality and speed of PHP development and deployment.

Why another framework?

We […] think that it’s very important this framework embody the “extreme simplicity” mindset that PHP itself exemplifies. We want to deliver a framework that helps solve developer problems and speeds development; not one that’s overly complex and heavyweight.

We believe there is a need for a high-quality comprehensive framework that takes fully advantage of PHP 5 and which is in line with our “extreme simplicity” vision.

I wonder how much of this is in response to Rails. I wonder where this leaves PEAR.