Bad Boy Trucks

By on October 19, 2005

If a Ford Excursion or even an International XT isn’t big enough for you, maybe Bad Boy Trucks has your wheels. They are building what they deem a new category of civilian transportation, the HMT (Heavy Muscle Truck).

SUV’s are yesterday, and the Bad Boy is the biggest, longest, meanest, heaviest, street-legal military conversion vehicle on the road today.

The HMT is a bit reminiscent of the Unimog, the European standard for military vehicles built by Mercedes-Benz.

I guess I don’t really see these things being used to run the kids to soccer practice or to the grocery store for a loaf of bread & a jug of milk, at least not until they come out with a four-door version. A night out on the town might also be a little tough… climbing over that front wheel in formal wear might stretch the tux a little beyond its limits.



  1. The truck comes with a 58-gallon tank and can carry passengers 400+ miles, depending upon the payload.

    Very practical with gasoline hovering around three bucks a gallon, only $200 at the pump. Ashton Kutcher is kicking himself right now.

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