The $23,000 Mac

By on October 19, 2005

Apple’s new dual-core Power Macs. My dream machine has arrived. Too bad I’ll have to continue dreaming about it.

I piled on the options to a new quad 2.5Ghz Power Mac G5 and I came up with a price of $22,930. The bulk of which is the premium paid for 16GB of RAM and two 30” displays. Pretty sweet little machine. The only thing I didn’t add was a fibre channel card. Not sure how I would ever use one anyway.

It doesn’t say anything about needing to store it in its own refrigerator so it must be meltdown proof. Sure would keep the cubicle nice and toasty when the office gets a bit cold. These should be the last PowerPC Power Macs Apple will release with the dawn of Intel Macs just around the corner.

Of the new goodies Apple introduced today, Aperture has the most appeal to me. I’m not a pro, but a lot of the features they’ve included in this app would come in very handy when dealing with large quantities of photos. Now to convince the controller of my currency that I need to spend $500 on a piece of software.



  1. Holy RAM chips! Capacity for 16GB of memory?

    Of course you can load your new Quad with that much memory (eight 2GB SDRAM modules) from Apple for the bargain price of $11,900. Can you even buy 2GB modules anywhere?

    But you cheated by adding the monitors; Deane’s rules stipulated no monitors. Even so, pimping a Quad G5 out with the maximum amount of memory and all the other bells & whistles brought it up to $18,531. With a terabyte of storage space (2x500GB SATA drives.)

  2. Fibre channel….for that SAN in your basement. ;) Or Apple’s way is an XServe RAID with the XSAN software on it.

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