By Deane Barker on October 19, 2005

I always told myself that when I got involved in an online community and traveled, I’d try meet some people I knew online. With that in mind —

I’m in Fargo today. Any Gadgetopia readers from Fargo? I’m on the seventh floor of the Bank of the West building downtown. I’ll be here all day. Drop me a line.

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  1. Deane, Let’s hook up at the sheep farm on the south-edge of town. I’ll be the guy wearing overalls, toting a gun, with a Deere John hat on. :) Stereotypes and all…

    I must say though, to start this “meeting” venture, Fargo does not sound the most promising. Hoping for a Great Plains/MSFT employee maybe?

  2. Yeah, that was kind of a bust. Too bad. Was there no one in Fargo, or just no one that wanted to meet me for a beer? I feel so rejected.

    Fargo is a nice town. A lot like Sioux Falls.

  3. does this mean that you refuse the geek invitation?

    I can only accept if the inivtation is accompanied with a plane ticket.

    For those that don’t know, Mauritius is here. Seriously — it’s out there. I would think it was a big inside joke, but Wikipedia agrees that it actually exists way out there.

    aadil, what exactly do you do there? And how on Earth do you cram 1.2 million people on that island?

    I think you qualify as the most remote Gadgetopia reader of them all.

  4. Well, I can’t afford the air ticket but I can send you some postcards soaked in the best local rum for your licking pleasure. :)

    Anyway, I have just finished my tertiary studies here in web technology, a two-year professional diploma course. In addition, I am the president of the Linux User Group of Mauritius (http://linux.mu). Oh and I am applying to some foreign university for further studies soon.

    1.2 million? Wow! Last time I checked we were around 1 million souls here. You might think that having that many people in such a small island must be suffocating but it is not. We even have space for lovely beaches and green sugercane fields, and foreigners too.

    And I would like to thank my agent, parents, hamster, and favourite web browser for this Most Remote Gadgetopia Reader award. Thank you! Thank you! :p

  5. Shoot. I missed you. (I’ve fallen behind on blogreading, alas and alack.)

    What brought you to my neck of the woods? Will you be back?

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