Thunderbird Annoyance

By on October 18, 2005

I use Thunderbird exclusively at home for mail and RSS feeds. It feels lightweight and it does everything I need it to (I don’t schedule many meetings outside of work so I don’t miss a calendar, for instance). But there are a few things about this application that really irk me, specifically: there’s no right-click “Mark all as read” functionality present for RSS feeds at the root level. I have to click on each individual subscription to achieve this.

I thought I’d be clever and try creating a new folder and dumping some feeds into it, maybe I could click on the parent folder and get the desired results. No dice.

Does anyone else use Thunderbird for RSS? Is there a trick or upgrade I’m not aware of?



  1. That’s always been one of my Thunderbird pet hates. I resorted to Rojo(.com) in the end, but that’s not really what I want either. I have yet to find a good suitable desktop feed reader that acts how I want it to act. One that syncs your feeds to the web would be nice, too, so I can check it from anywhere online, but still be able to use the actual client at home. I hate how everything is moving towards benig solely web-based. Oh, look at me straying into ireelevancy.

    Thunderbird has always been an email client before feed reader, and I think the developers are missing a trick there. It’s got the basis to be great, it’s just missing a few vital functions, like marking all read, and importing and exporting opml.

  2. Yes, that thunderbird OPML extension, I’ve used it, it works well for OPML import/export.

    Improved Thunderbird PML

    However, after using thunderbird for sometime, I’ve gone back to sharpreader; it just works. To read new feeds at one place, I had to create a folder search folder with selected criteria to look into my subscriptions and bring the newest post; something avaialble by design in sharpreader.

  3. Yes, of course. In the rss panel (where the messages are) you can rigth-click to Mark->All read.

  4. Yes, of course. In the rss panel (where the messages are) you can rigth-click to Mark->All read.

    But not at the root, you have to do this on each subscription/feed.

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