Linux Wins in Munich

By Deane Barker on July 14, 2003 – Linux took on Microsoft, and won big in Munich: This is an in-depth look at why the German city of Munich blew off Microsoft and actually paid more money to the team of SuSE and IBM to put 14,000 Linux desktop machines into service.

“The vote wasn’t just another win for Linux, as it continues to gobble chunks of the computer server software market — a market Microsoft does not dominate. Munich is about to become the largest tech user to deploy Linux for everyday use on desktop PCs, the wellspring of Microsoft’s profits.”

When Microsoft felt it was losing, Steve Ballmer himself flew over to Germany to try and sell it. They dropped their price 35%. They dropped key provisions on their licensing agreements. It didn’t help. Big, big win for Linux.

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  1. “I suspect what will really happen is that they’ll roll out Linux everywhere, and then every mid-level bureaucrat will realize they can’t do their job because some application they need just doesn’t run on Linux, and they’ll buy Windows XP at full retail price, burying the costs in expense reports or petty cash or somewhere else.”

  2. “… they’re actually going to install Linux, but on many machines (as many as 80%?) there will be VMWare running a licensed copy of Windows inside. Also the majority of the price tag was for training and consulting, not the software licenses per se.”

    Includes a link to the Hartner analysis of the deal which isn’t very pro-Linux.

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