Google Post Fixation

By Deane Barker on October 16, 2005

Mint has reminded me of the some of the weird terms in which I get “stuck” in Google. I don’t know why this is — for some reason, Google just fixates on certain posts. (On a related note, my five-day-old post on SpamStopsHere is now number three on Google for that term, behind only their opwn two sites.)

I can tell when a post has gotten “stuck” in Google because it keeps getting comments consistently over time. The Geek Squad post is the the poster child for this phenomenon, with 220 comments — at least five or six a week, without fail.

The Bitlord thing has been the strongest over the last few months, obviously, though those people don’t comment much. I get some good comments on the Oceanic Airlines post, with people adding a lot to the original information.

I just noted the “My Name is Earl” traffic this morning when writing this post. That’s a new one.

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