James Bond and Flash 8

By Deane Barker on October 14, 2005

Sony Pictures – Casino Royale: Sony has put up a new site for the upcoming James Bond film , Casino Royale (to coincide, no doubt, with the selection of Daniel Craig as the new James Bond).

But here’s the thing: it requires Flash 8. This is the first site I think I’ve seen that requires Flash 8. I just checked my Mint stats — only 17% of Gadgetopia visitors have Flash 8 installed, and we’re the geeky ones.

(Shameless plug: In other life, I was one of the founding editors of Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was a hugely popular James bond site, back in the day. We’re re-tooling the site now, and hope to release a new, Movable Type-powered version in the next week or so.)



  1. Woot! I used to read MKKBB religiously. I guess I should start reading it more often, now that we know who the new Bond is.

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