New & Improved iMac G5

By on October 12, 2005

Apple just released the latest iteration of the iMac with faster processors, a built-in iSight camera for easy video conferencing, an 8X dual-layer DVD writer (and CD-RW combined), among other spiffy new features.

The new software featured on the iMac is FrontRow, a new multimedia interface that can be controlled with a remote (included) so that you can watch movies, listen to iTunes, or browse through digital photos.

iMac G5 will change the way you look at computers. Literally. Enjoy — and share — your music, movies and photos from any seat in the house on a gorgeous, liquid crystal display. Intuitive Apple software and hardware make impossible science fiction dreams an effortless reality.

I’d say, if you’re going to watch movies on the thing, make sure you get the 20” model. Or better yet, get a mini and hook it up to a 42” plasma screen, like this guy did.

One of the things I found most interesting about the new iMac is that it doesn’t come with a modem. You can get one for $49, but it doesn’t come standard. That speaks volumes about how people are hooking up these days… 56k just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Oh, and they also released a new iPod that also does video, as was rumored just about everywhere.



  1. Or better yet, get a mini and hook it up to a 42” plasma screen, like this guy did.

    It smacks of horrific irony that the guy who runs ‘’ is a big Apple fan. Sort of like if President Kennedy’s favorite drink had been vodka, or if the leader of the KKK really dug the Wu Tang clan.

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