Lost Opportunity

By on October 12, 2005

I really didn’t intend for the title of this post to be a pun, but something struck me while I watched “Lost” this evening. When would I see an ad for the new iPod? They introduced it today to great fanfare and even struck a deal with ABC to provide “Lost” episodes via the iTMS.

You’d think they would have put together an ad with somebody downloading the show and playing it on their iPod. Heck, they could have gotten one of the cast to pick one up off the jungle floor and start playing it. Really wouldn’t seem so unusual for this show. Oh well, maybe Sunday during Desperate Housewives.



  1. That’s very true, considering that the bunker that they are manning has a brand new washer and dryer – funny anachronism!

    BTW, if you missed what I’m talking about, it was in the season 2 premier, visible in the first few minutes as they were following the guy around while he wakes up, starts the record player, and enters the code.

  2. I noticed the washer & dryer and thought the same, but there were front-load washers back in the day that the bunker was supposedly assembled. Expensive, but they were available.

    I chatted briefly with one of the guys that is responsible for the props on the show — he was looking for Apple gear from the late ’70’s & early ’80’s (it was quite a coup for him to pull off getting an Apple in there instead of an old IBM!) They were very careful to keep the props period accurate. You wouldn’t think it’d be very difficult given that we’re only talking 20-30 years, but to those of us who lived through those times, I think they are not very memory-worthy.

    One thing that did stick out to me was the bottle of dish soap that was near the sink; it was a short clear bottle, and I’m pretty sure that clear bottles didn’t hit the market until not that terribly long ago. But I could be wrong.

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