Italian Security Crackdown

By on October 11, 2005

This seems a little oppressive…

An antiterror law makes Internet cafe managers check their clients’ IDs and track the websites they visit.

…Maurizio Savoni says he’s closing his Internet cafe because he doesn’t want to be a “cop” anymore.


…Savoni had to obtain a new public communications business license, and purchase tracking software that costs up to $1,600.

The software saves a list of all sites visited by clients, and Internet cafe operators must periodically turn this list into their local police headquarters.



  1. Being Italian and living in Italy, I can assure you things are very bad. Have a look at this photo taken during a recent Internet conference in Turin

    The photo basically says that you can use the public terminals available to the public, but you cannot use them to check your email or any personal communication (which could include blog comments, etc.).

    On the other side, being Italy there are lots of exceptions:

    • terminals in public libraries are routinely used by illegal immigrants to check porn/pedophily sites and/or arabic-language blogs with pictures and videos of hostages, etc.

    • small telephony shops (the ones offering extra-cheap crates to call most anywhere in the world) always have computers and ask no id, but again they’re mostly used by illegal immigrants so no police ever checks them, too much work involved

  2. Yes, I must agree with ludo, here all illegal immigrants use public library internet access (that obviously are not bound to any national law) strictly for pedoporn or extremist sites (of course only for killing videos).

    Never, ever ever think that somebody can write emails to their relatives.

    In italy there is a particular approach to laws, but this is another story.

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