Doom: The Movie

By Deane Barker on October 5, 2005

I just saw the trailer for Doom during tonight’s episode of Lost. The Rock stars, bless his heart.

It looked cool, with all the monsters from the original. What I found interesting was a shot with the dog-like creatures, shown from the first person, complete with chain saw roaring in front of the camera. Yep, you guessed it, just like you were sitting in front of the PC again, back in 199…6, was it? (Man, that seems so long ago.)

I hope they don’t do too many scenes like that — it’d be a little gimmicky. Here’s the link to the trailer at Apple’s site.



  1. This has all the smell of something that will suck, but the director also directed ‘Speed’ and ‘US Marshals’. Neither of those were exactly works of cinematic genius, but they were both enjoyable movies that were engaging all the way through.

  2. IMDB stats for recent VG movies:

    Double Dragon (3/10). Mortal Komat (5.1/10). House of the Dead (2.2/10). Resident Evil (6.2/10). Alone in the Dark (2.2/10).

    Most VG films suck; I can’t imagine this one being any better. The Rock?

    Be Cool (5.6/10), Walking Tall (5.9/10), The Rundown (6.5/10), Scorpion King (5.3/10), Mummy Returns (6.1/10).

    I’m not expecting much.

  3. Saw the trailer during “The 20” when we went to see Serenity, with interviews from the producers/directors/etc. Yes, the whole movie is supposed to mimic the FPS.

  4. Motion sickness? Damn, you can’t play any games or watch movies can you? If you think you’ll get motion sickness from this… your a pussy. But the movie does seem promising, I have the novelization of it and I’m waiting to see the movie first.

  5. I cant wait to see it. but Im not exspecting it to be a great movie. I just like it becuse the games are so awsome.

  6. ive been waiting for this movie to come out since i was 12. i think anyone who likes the DOOM games or enjoys ID software’s style will love this movie. sure its got the rock in it, who cares he’s the biggest guy in movies they could find with arnold being govenor.FPS? oh well its the first time its been tried and hey its stays true to the game unlike some other games that are now movies. the movie might not do to hot but i give it a 10/10 overall and ill definatly watch it this friday and saturday.

  7. shure it looks cool…. & i wouldn’t mind seeing it……. but the games look so much better. so its got the rock in it who cares.personaly id rather see it with arnold schwarzenegger, but it looks cool anyway.

  8. If it’s not obvious by now, we’ve hit first page on Google for “doom the movie.” Mint claims 419 inbound hits from search engines result pages for that phrase.

  9. Just saw the movie. It was a good ‘guy movie’ with a lot of action and a hot looking leading lady… But, as a die hard “DOOM” player from the old days, it was a let down… Not enough demons, it was too dark- you could barely see the monsters, and it just didnt capture the progressively harder feel of the game. In the game there is a much larger variety of monsters.. they had a great opportunity to have some huge demon fights. They also missed the boat on not detailing the weapons better, but at least they got the BFG in there….

  10. Yeah saw the movie, wasn’t bad, had some quality, but they lost the whole plot, since most of the creatures within the game have within themselves some sort of psychotic evil spiritual drive from hell, not to mention actually originating from some sort of hellish dimension. And like the dude skilly mentioned, most of the demons found in the game where missing, even the most common fire vaulitng beast, not to mention the flying eyeball with teeth.

    More of a zombie style movie, ‘get bitten turn into one’ etc

    Could of been better, yeah i left the cinema with a feeling of what if…

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