“My Name is Earl” Easter Egg

By Deane Barker on October 5, 2005

“My name is Earl” in HD ROCKSt: My Name is Earl (which is a very funny show, BTW), had an special treat last night for viewers using High Def televisions.

During the episode Earl’s brother Randy holds up the sign […] reading “High Def Rocks!!!” which couldn’t be viewed by people watching on non-high def TV’s.

It was in the buffer zone on the sides of the image where only the wide-screen folks could see. There’s a picture at the link above. I have to get HDTV, man.

Via MetaFilter.



  1. I watched that, in HD, and didn’t catch that.

    The show seems to throw in fun little easter eggs, though.

    My wife caught one last night: At the start of the show, Earl’s ex wife scrawled ‘U R an Ass’ across the side of his car in spray paint.

    They never make any mention over it, but in a later scene, Earl has apparently “repaired” the damage by adding ‘-tronaught’ at the end with more spray paint.

  2. Deano –

    HD rocks and it will change your TV viewing life. You’ll have to come over and watch a football game some Sunday. It’s amazing. Too bad the Packers don’t play the Raiders this year. We could watch them beat each other senseless to a 0-0 draw in brilliant Hi Def. The first thing I noticed while watching a football game was the glitter in the paint on a team’s helmet. You just don’t see that clarity in regular tv. Makes me want to watch football no matter who’s playing.

  3. I’d second that. Sports is where HD really shines. You really notice it in the wide shots , too, where you can clearly see individual people in the crowd, as opposed to a mass of color.

  4. Seen only one episode of Earl – Liked it. Need to check out the HD eggs. Cool idea. Sports are great in HD, especially at 61″!! But the replays suck big time since they haven’t figured that deal out yet. They actually look better in standard mode during the replays. All part of the curve I guess.

  5. There’s something ironic about “tough” sports fans wanting to see shimmering glitter on the helmets as the teams beat the shit out of each other.

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