Dell n-Series

By Deane Barker on October 5, 2005

Dell n Series Desktops: I didn’t know about these.

The n Series features select popular models from the Dimension , OptiPlex and Dell Precision desktop lines sold without a Microsoft operating system. Offered for IT professionals who want control over operating system development and installation, n Series desktops are available with a copy of the FreeDOS open-source operating system included in the box, ready to install. Select n Series systems are also available with Linux.

A bargain basement n Series without an OS is $319. A bargain basement Dimension (with XP), is $349.

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  1. They’ve been around for years. Once you take a look at the n-series and trying to customize it you’ll soon realize that for $50 more and XP Home you get a much better machine with upgrade paths that will fit your needs much better. It’s sad. Dell should offer all of their PC’s with or without an OS just like they do for their server series.

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