Uwe Boll

By Deane Barker on October 3, 2005

A Load of Bollocks: Film Director Uwe Boll sets the web ablaze: Here’s a great Metafilter post with a collection of links about Uwe Boll, who is the first film director to specialize in video game adaptions. He apparently buys the rights and produces the films himself.

Dr. Uwe Boll is developing quite a reputation as a terrible film director; and ruiner of valuable intellectual property with his videogame adaptations.

They’re not kidding — he’s apparently in negotiations for the Half-Life franchise. Let’s hope he doesn’t get his hands on Halo.

The Ain’t It Cool News story is not to be missed. It’s the story of two first time screenwriters who did the first draft of “Alone in the Dark,” based on the video game by Interplay. Now, there aren’t many people in the world more desperate than aspiring screenwriters, but even they decided to walk away from this project.

He wanted us to add “big gun battles” and “car chases.” You know, all the things that make horror movies scary, particularly movies that revolve around suspense. […]

I apparently skipped the film writing class which explained how every realistic, suspenseful script required at least one major scene on an island, unaware this omission would be a violation of “story telling basics.”

At this point we realized Boll was a world class f**k up and was only going to ruin anything he touched. Despite being desperate first time screenwriters, we walked away from the project and refused to give him the rights to our script.

Great. It’s not like video game adaptions don’t have a credibility problem to start with.

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