iPod Nano Upgrade

By on October 3, 2005

Of all the silly…

Some guy tore apart a perfectly good iPod Nano and connected a 200GB Maxtor hard drive to it. Amazingly, it worked. The capacity increased by 50x, but battery life dropped to about 6 minutes.

Somehow that doesn’t seem like a good tradeoff for a portable.

On the other hand, if you were to do this hack & hook the Nano up to a set of Logitech X-230’s, or maybe one of those spiffy $30 Sonic Impact T-Amps and a good set of Bose speakers… That just might work out as a nice desktop stereo!

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe they went to the trouble of photoshopping a hand holding and ipod and a hard drive!? Surely it’d be easier to just actually put elastic bands round a real ipod and HD… unless they don’t have a Nano I guess…

    Surely noone reeaaaally fell for it?? … right?? …

    Anyway, the whole thing seems to be a lot of trouble to go to just in the hope of trolling apple fans!

  2. Oh come on now; they wouldn’t lie about a thing like this, would they?

    Is uncyclopedia the wiki version of The Onion? I’m so ashamed…

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