By Deane Barker on September 30, 2005

A couple of people mentioned podcasting in my post about the offer on my domain name. I had heard of it, and knew what it was in theory, but I’d never heard one. So I went looking, and I listened to four:

  1. Adam Curry’s “Daily Source Code
  2. Some guy with a thick New York accent complaining that the Democrats are ruining the country.
  3. “All Things Ducati”
  4. A review of “Battlestar Galactica”

I actually just listened to the beginning of them, because they were all pretty boring. I don’t know what I expected, but I guess they just didn’t hold my interest. (The New York Republican came close, just because his accent made his funny to listen to. But he began to sound like a broken record after a few minutes.)

Distilled beyond the method of actually listening to them, a podcast is essentially a recording of someone talking (though Curry had some music in his, and the “Battlestar Galactica” one had the theme music and some sound effects). I listened to them sitting at my desk, and I’m wondering if it’s different when you’re wandering around with them on an iPod.

So, you people have implanted the idea of doing a podcast in my head. Between that and monitoring my referrer logs, it speaks to the narcissist in me.

So I asked Joe if he wanted to do one with me. Now, you have to understand that Joe is a really easy-going guy. It takes a lot to get him rattled. But apparently the idea of recording his voice with mine was more than enough, because he said “No” so quickly and with such conviction that I didn’t bother to ask again…and I always ask twice. At least.

I’m on the verge of recording one of these. I just don’t know if I can say anything worth hearing.

Anyway, I’m looking for a good geek podcast. Please comment if you can recommend some good ones.

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  1. I’m shocked that you haven’t heard about “This week in tech” http://www.thisweekintech.com

    the website lists several differrent podcasts that they are involved in, but make sure that you listen to the TWiT cast first.

    if you ever watched the screensavers on TechTv then you already know what to expect from this podcast, it’s the same people.

    I’ve really been enjoying it.

  2. Geek News Central has one of the best for tech stuff, in a home spun sort of way. Todd Cochrane has written the first book about podcasting, so he really knows his stuff. Podcasts are very addicting, mainly because they enable you to surf the web (so to speak) while you are away from your computer!


  3. Deane – A) Checkout the podcast directory in the itunes music store B) See directory on ipodder.org

    You can search by topic and on iTunes you can see which ones are popular and subscribing is a snap.

    BTW, nice of you to catch up. I think I was talking about podcasts on this blog a year ago. It does make a bit more sense if you have an mp3 player, but you don’t lose much if you use iTunes to listen to your music (and podcasts.)

  4. The Signal – a podcast all about Firefly (Sci-fi TV Show) and Serenity (The Awesome movie based on Firefly). This podcast is incredibly professional and yet fun. Very geeky but not very technical.

  5. Not hugely geeky (at least not in the IT sense), but one of my favourite podcasts is: http://www.abc.net.au/science/k2/podcast/drk_rss.xml Dr Karl from Triple J in Australia…

    Basically a weekly show on science questions, where average people call in and ask all sorts of odd questions which Dr Karl tries to answer… For example: Why are yawns contageous. Usually learn something from listening to him.

    Oh, and agree on the 2600 podcast.

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