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By Deane Barker on September 30, 2005

Google Search Tips 2005: This is the best list of Google search tips I’ve ever seen. I did not know 60% of these. Try this one:

You can find synonyms of words. E.g. when you search for [house] but you want to find “home” too, search for [~house]. To get to know which synonyms the Google database stores for individual words, simply use the minus operator to exclude synonym after synonym (they will always show as bold in the SERPs, the search engine result pages). Like this: [~house -house -home -housing -floor].

And did you know Google is anticipating Googlebombs and explaining them?

For some of the more popular “Googlebombed” results, like when you enter [failure] and the first hit is the biography of George W. Bush, Google displays explanatory ads titled “Why these results?”.

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  1. Interesting find on the Googlebomb issue. However it only seems to appear on The same query on brings up the same result, but not the additional explanation.

    Oh, and you should have mentioned that the explanation appears as a “sponsored link”.

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