Patatas Chef

By on September 29, 2005

I’m not going to name any names, but a certain Gadgetopia author may have come to mind the instant I saw this bad boy:

The fully AUTOMATIC FRENCH-FRIES VENDING MACHINE provides, in a record time, a delicious portion of hot crunchy and golden fries.

The potatoes are fried on the spot, and a tray is provided to collect your portion. Also, the salt and ketchup, if wished, are dispensed automatically.

It works like a clean and small sophisticated factory with the most absolute respect for the environment, and maintains the hygienic conditions required by edible products, and is equipped to maintain the quality of natural products that are being used.

A sophisticated filter system, totally independent and with a very ease maintenance, is used to eliminates all the odors and smokes.

Suggested installations include shopping malls and arcades, but I’m guessing you can squeeze one of these into the spot previously occupied by your refrigerator.

Via memepool.



  1. That’s exactly what you want in a busy mall…an unsupervised deep fat fryer. Even contained, how long before someone gets a face full of scalding oil?

  2. They have had these for years in Europe. In 1984 I bought some fries from a vending macine on a train platform in Holland. They were surprisingly good!

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