Data Over Power Lines

By Deane Barker on September 29, 2005

Microchip turns electric outlet into wireless link: I remember the stress I put myself under when I built my house to ensure I had data lines in every room. Between this and wifi, I don’t know why I worried.

Products are still being developed, but gadgets embedded with the chip […] can hook up to a broadband network by plugging into the common electrical outlet […]

The technology has been around for some time — including in the United States — but Matsushita’s system is unique in that it delivers fast-speed broadband information at up to 170 megabits per second, which is faster than Ethernet.

I know we talked about data over commercial power lines, but have we discussed data over power lines within the house? I don’t think so. Someday there’s just going to be a general “cable,” that carries everything I think. It’s all just electrons in the end, right?

Thanks Jayson.



  1. I asked someone about the wireless router thing and why they’d put data cable in their house, and his response was that he did it for digital phone. Since I know next to nothing on the topic, I’ll leave it to you to decide if this is valid or not.

  2. Current Technologies has been already working on this for sometime now. They have managed to secure some good funding too…it wouldnt be too far down the line that your electricity provider will soon be your ISP. And guess who as massively funded this company : Google Inc, Amount funded : $100 Million. so is all set to make permanant residence in your homes.


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