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By Deane Barker on September 28, 2005

I was seriously offered $15,000 for the domain name today. I mention this because it’s the first time anyone has ever offered to buy the name, which I find odd because I think it’s an awesome name. Maybe I’m just deluded.

I turned the offer down, incidentally. That might have been silly (tuition at the kids’ school isn’t getting any cheaper), but I’ve owned this domain for six years, and have actively developed it for four. I’m too attached to it.

(I actually own all six major tlds for “gadgetopia” — com, org, net, info, biz, and us. They should all point right back here.)

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  1. Depending on whom the offer was from and what type of business for which it would be used, I’m thinking anyone who comes in at $15k might be willing to pay twice that.

    The onus would be on you to have to dig in on what the offerer’s revenue stream is and to figure out what % they spend on marketing and branding.

    Once you have that, you can determine if it’s worth selling and moving onto another cool and highly brandable name.

  2. Aside from the emotional ties of the years of having and working to make the domain into something with a value. What are you revenues from the google ads per month? Over a 3 year period do they add up to at least $15,000 or do you expect it to over the next 3 years?

  3. Another question may be – do you consider this domain an identity – or your identity? And if so – is ‘your’ identity worth only $15K? I think if it were me, $15K wouldn’t be enough for me to give that up. Just a thought.

  4. Don’t sell. My suggestion is to start a podcast. Maybe setup a banner ad system like Fark or other sites have and offer a dedicated ad channel. I’ve clicked on google ads from Gagetopia only a few times. Mostly because the ads are not always relevant or interesting to me. You could probably make an easy $1-2k a month, which is what the person who offered your $15k is probably thinking or more.

  5. I agree – don’t sell it unless your bidder can make it way more worth your while.

    You’re on a roll to A list blogdom and I think the idea of tossing in podcast might help you continue to build a community of geeks tired of the slashdot and boing boing crowds.

  6. has been for sale for years and I’ve never received any offer on it. I always considered it a good name. I’m just looking for 4000-5000 for it or somewhere in that range if anyone is interested.

    But what I was gonna say was this. Whoever developed this site. It’s very good. However, a person’s post should go underneath their name … not above it.. It’s just the normal thing to do … put the persons name and then their message. Sorry if I’m being too finicky.

  7. I have sold many domains as you know Deane. $15K is a good offer if you had nothing here. But, you have built a “business” out of the name and the posts. Do you think this blog would be as good as – if so, trade me some programming for the name as IDC owns it.

    I do believe with a couple of the posts though, seriously. If someone offered $15K straight out, they are willing to pay at least $25K. To offer that amount says they are serious and have some funds.

    Here are a couple recent sales I have made that were all below your $15K…

    But here are a couple I would not just sell in an instant though some woudl question their value…

    Do not fret. I actually think the entire blogs value would be much greater with the name and the posts combined.

  8. Are you truly clearing (clearing is the key word because there was no talk of rev-cost=profit) 15k in 13months on this bad boy…I wouldn’t sell because the kids tuition should be no problem with that kind of continual profit.
    Besides, 13 months equals 15k in and of itself at this rate alone and this name may gain in value in that same 13 months. -Or- You could actually be spending 16k to make 15k in rev in 13 months…at which time I would a counter for 30k, smile, and call it true profit.

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