The Giant Squid Actually Exists

By Deane Barker on September 28, 2005

Scientists photograph giant squid in wild: I don’t know what the fascination is with giant squid, but scientists have been looking for a live one for years.

Sure, dead ones have washed up, but no one has seen a live one. Well, someone finally got pictures, and they’re wicked cool

[…] for the first time, a team of Japanese scientists has captured on film one of the most mysterious creatures of the deep-sea in its natural habitat.

The team […] tracked the 26-foot long Architeuthis as it attacked prey nearly 3,000 feet deep off the coast of Japan’s Bonin islands.

More pictures here (you can scroll through the pictures on the right). I remember an entire documentary about the search for this thing, and all they could say was, “Giant squid are really sneaky.”

Time to move on to Loch Ness.



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