Logitech X-230

By Deane Barker on September 27, 2005

Logitech: X-230: I normally don’t post just to laud a product, but these speakers are amazing.

My old 2.1 (two satellites and a subwoofer) setup by Altec Lansing was slowly dying. The power cord had a short, and you had to jiggle things just right to get any sound. Time for a replacement.

Unlike most of my purchases, I did some research this time. Epinions, New Egg, Amazon — I couldn’t find one outlet that had anything but overwhelmingly positive reviews for this product. Everyone said that it was just amazing, especially considering an average price of about $30.

I got them for $37 with shipping (from New Egg), and…wow. I’m not an audiophile by any stretch, but the sound out of these things is stunning. The bass is full, the mids are clear, and the highs are crisp. Even my wife — less “audio cultured” than I, if that’s possible — was extremely impressed.

A bonus: the cords are simple. One satellite plugs in (1) the sub, (2) the computer. The sub plugs into the wall. Compare this to my last speaker system, where one of the satellites had four independently pluggable cords coming out of the back. Whenever I moved my computer, it took me two or three tries until I got them all plugged in to the right places.

So, anyway, great product. If you’re in the market, I doubt you can do better for the money. These speakers are a hidden gem.

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  1. You’re absolutely correct my friend. Although the speaker isn’t what you could categorically tag as “loud”, the speaker produces really sweet sounds. You can even use this for your PS2 or Xbox with the use of a adapter which can be purchased somewhere. Cool look, cool sound. I love it!

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