101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot.

By Deane Barker on November 13, 2002

Rob showed me this list of things Mozilla does that IE doesn’t. Some of the features I’ve come to love…

  • #1. Tabbed Browsing
  • #4. Link Toolbar: I’ve written about this before.
  • #34. Can fill in complete forms automatically: Do you know how much faster this lets you test? It’s a dream-come-true for testing database input forms and such.
  • #39. View selection source: Another gift to developers.

Some of the features are a revelation to me. I have to try some of these…

  • #2. Popup blocking
  • #8. Can zoom any text, even that with fixed pixel sizes: I’ve ranted about this before too…
  • #9. Can select from multiple stylesheets provided by page: Wow, cool…
  • #64. CSS generated content: Excuse me while I weep with joy over this
  • #85. Address field in full screen mode: Never thought about this, but a good idea nonetheless.

Two of them, however, are a little questionable:

  • #60. Supports blinking text: I may boycott over this.
  • #101: Giant lizards are cool