Dot Mac Enhancements; Still Overpriced

By on September 27, 2005

Apple has beefed up its .Mac service in several ways, but it’s still way too expensive. $99.95 a year for a gigabyte of storage space (combined Mail and iDisk), .Mac Backup software, .Mac Groups, your own Homepage, yadda, yadda, yadda… Who needs it?

I guess I’m still hacked that Apple cut off the free .Mac service in 2002. I’ve since moved to a hosting service where I’ve got my own domain name, 500MB of storage, unlimited e-mail accounts, ftp hosting, MySQL database support, PHP support, cpanel 9 controls, etc… for under $50 a year. With all that and a free Gmail account, who needs anything more?

This news is about a week old, but worth mentioning if only to point out that there really are some things about Apple that bug me.



  1. I can understand how this would be a hassle, since OS X takes pains at every turn to try to integrate into a .Mac account, to the point that it seems like something is missing if you don’t have one.

    Who would have thought that a monopoly vendor would try to screw people into a subscription fee for a sub-par service?

  2. Deane, your mantra is getting a bit tired. Give it a rest.

    You mean like the “all Windows machines are crippled by viruses and spyware” refrain? Or the “you’ll be more productive on a Mac” argument?

    Tell you want — you pick an argument to retire, and I’ll pick one. We each agree to never mention them again on this blog.

  3. i couldn’t agree more

    i cancelled my dot mac account after 2 years of extremely poor performance

    the cost is ridiculous considering you can get image and video hosting for free nowadays

    and at least they’re reliable , i uploaded countless videos to find they don’t play or if they do , they stutter to a halt , utterly unimpressed.

    apple sure messed up with this one..

  4. .mac

    I just cannot understand why everyone keeps bitching about .mac, please read this and think about it!

    using .mac features:

    1. great email address (only 3 letters!)
    2. sync bookmarks, address book, calendars, preferences, etc.
    3. iweb (although somewhat limited, a very easy to use and fun application)
    4. homepage (by using “homepage” & “iweb” separately, use have 2 links for sites and are able to keep things a little more separate)
    5. backup (I have my laptop crash, and without “backup” I would have to reload all of the bookmarks, address book and everything else manually)
    6. the great integration of .mac into tiger.

    using separate services:

    1. one for email.
    2. another one for sync.
    3. another one for websites.
    4. another one for calendars.
    5. another one for address book.
    6. another one for bookmarks.
    7. yet another one for backup of important files.

    to me, using all of these separate services really seems to be a major pain in the ass…………..I still believe $99 is a good buy for the ease of use alone. It appears that a lot of the users here think like the masses (aka Windows Users!) and that is not what .mac is about.

    remember: Think Different!!!

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