Multi-Column CSS Layout

By on September 27, 2005

Fantastic article (as usual) over on A List Apart this morning. The next version of CSS (CSS3) includes a lot of handy features, one of which is a ‘column-count’ property, telling a web element to render its contained text into multiple columns (think magazine or newspaper). That would be a very handy feature, but no browser currently supports it (although the next version of Firefox likely will). Well, the ALA guys have pointed us to a JavaScript that will add fairly decent support for this CSS property in most current browsers:

The implementation is an unobtrusive, stand-alone piece of code that acts as a JavaScript parser for this CSS3 extension. You don’t need any knowledge of JavaScript to use it, just upload the file to your site and link it to your page.

You can then start using the CSS3 properties in your stylesheets as you would do for any other CSS.

Very cool. You can check out the demo to get an idea of what this can do.



  1. Nice javascript and demo, but when I try to print int it looks ugly. Any idee how to print nice with CSS, without creating a PDF?

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