Programming for Kids

By Deane Barker on September 27, 2005

Teaching my kids to program: If you had to teach your kids to program, what language would you pick?

There are some conspicuous absences from this list. I don’t care if any of my three kids ever grok the difference between an abstract class and an interface or between a pointer and a reference, so languages like C , C#, Java, and VB.NET are out.

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  1. I’m a big fan of Alan Kay, I’ve heard that Squeak is interesting. It’s geared towards younger children. See

  2. Y’know, I used to joke in church that when I had kids that :

    • by age 3 they would know a high level language such as Visual Basic
    • by age 5 they would know how to denormalize data to the 5th level
    • by age 7 they would have learned basic algorithms such as recursing a binary tree
    • by age 11 I would ‘home school’ my child while concurrently ‘telecommuting’ … wink … wink
    Now I guess its no longer funny as it’s too close to a reality … well that and those pesky child labor laws my wife keeps mentioning.

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