Opera Inadvertantly Attacks Cryptome

By Deane Barker on September 22, 2005

Opera Attack on Cryptome Was Opera Rogue Bot: Cryptome got DOS attacked by Opera (the browser company). Interesting answer to why it happened in an email from Opera to the Cyrptome guy.

For some reason they left the machine with the bot active (probably a mistake), and it it was running all night long, hammering the poor cryptome.org site (I think it was supposed to only check each site once but got stuck due to some bug).

When the developers returned in the morning they stopped it asap but didn’t see what it had done, but later that day I was notified by our support dudes that we apperantly had attacked that site. Spent some hours to track it in our logs but it when we finally found the source machine it was already taken care of by the developers.

Well so it was all our fault – bots can be evil sometimes.