Google WiFi

By Deane Barker on September 20, 2005

Search engine Google plans own WiFi service: Can someone explain why on Earth Google feels the need to do this?

Internet search leader Google is preparing to launch its own wireless Internet service, Google WiFi, according to several pages found on the company’s Web site on Tuesday.



  1. Elementary, my dear Watson…

    Because once you’ve put a (Google) WiFi cell down, you know precisely where on (Google) Earth it’s located. Right down to which Starbuck’s the (Google) WiFi PDA-wielding (Google) advertising target (- that’s you! -) is outside of, so that they can REALLY target their (Google) ads…

    “Hi! Did you know that Starbucks can offer you and five other Google users half-price coffee if you go in right now? And we know there are at least six other Google users within 20 metres of you at this very moment, so get to it!”

    And of course they can also send people around with a laptop and GPS to precisely locate every other WiFi access point in every city, then they could probably triangulate you down to which outfit in the Coles-Myers display window you’re standing in front of.

    Pity us when mobile phones and PDA devices converge and they can also use cellphone towers to triangulate you…

  2. It looks like this is already happening to some extent…

    Advertisers in London are using a brand new way to bombard people with commercials, by targeting people with video-capable cell phones and some free time on their hands.


    A radio transmitter using Bluetooth technology searches for technologically capable cell phones in a certain area, such as an airport or train station, and then sends a video clip to the phone for the owner to watch at will.

  3. The article you mention (thansk for the heads-up by the way, good find) also mentions why Google might be interested – they can prove how many devices the ad was delivered to… THAT is worth billions a year to the advertisers, to know how many exposures they’ve had.

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