My Shoes Have A Computer Brain

By on September 20, 2005

It knows the difference between gravel and dirt. […] It knows you’re not as tired as you think

Who knew that shoes were this smart? For $250, I don’t think I will ever find out.



  1. But does it run Linux?

    Wait, wrong geek site.

    But, seriously, I don’t think shoes are worth $250, no matter what’s in them (well, maybe if the soles are solid diamond, then I might reconsider). But, seriously, for $250, you could get a decent suit. Or even a PSP!

  2. Considering good shoes (the non-intelligent variety) can be up around the $100 plus mark… I think that $250 ain’t too bad a price for this emerging technology….

    That is pretty darn cool… Anyone have any idea as to how the microprocessor is charged?

  3. I pay $40 for shoes that usually last me a few years (and only then because my feet grew, not because my shoes break).

    I don’t understand people paying $100 for shoes. $250 is out of the question for me, even for this emerging technology. I have better uses for that money.

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