Talk Like A Pirate Day

By on September 19, 2005

Today be Talk Like A Pirate Day, so quick, ye scurvy bilge rats, before the day be gone, steer yerself over to and educate yourselves on the finer points of talking like a pirate.

Do I hear ye asking, “Why?”

What, you’re wondering, is the point?

We’re going to be painfully honest here, perhaps fatally so.

The point is, there is no point.

And that’s what’s fun about Talk Like a Pirate Day specifically, and talking like a pirate in general.

We’re talking about the mere image of swaggering pirateness. And while this is a guys’ guide, the comely wench will have fun talking like a pirate, too. It’s powerful, yet harmless. Perhaps, dare we suggest it, the ultimate aphrodisiac. Try it!




  1. And a shame it is that I missed it, matey. Next September 19, I’ll be remembering the day, and downloading movies illegally, Arghhhh.

  2. U mateys dot know how to talk like a pirate they neer say arghhh they say arrr and that means that they r really happy or mad,cauz theyr grog aint so good

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