Getting Paid to Quit

By on September 16, 2005

IBM to Encourage Employees to Be Teachers: This is definitely an interesting and unorthodox approach for what IBM sees as a growing problem.

[IBM], worried the United States is losing its competitive edge, will financially back employees who want to leave the company to become math and science teachers.


While many companies encourage their employees to tutor schoolchildren or do other things to get involved in education, IBM believes it is the first to guide workers toward switching into a teaching career.


The workers would have to get approval from their managers to participate. If selected, the employees would be allowed to take a leave of absence from the company, which includes full benefits and up to half their salary, depending on length of service.

In addition, the employees could get up to $15,000 in tuition reimbursements and stipends while they seek teaching credentials and begin student-teaching.



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