The First Digital Camera

By Deane Barker on September 11, 2005

If only Kodak had phased out celluloid sooner …: This is a great article on the very first digital camera, built by Kodak in 1975.

Steven Sasson knew right away in December 1975 that his 8-pound, toaster-size contraption, which captured a black-and-white image on a digital cassette tape at a resolution of .01 megapixels, “was a little bit revolutionary.” […]

[They] persuaded a lab assistant to pose for them. The image took 23 seconds to record onto the cassette and another 23 seconds to read off a playback unit onto a television. Then it popped up on the screen.

And here’s some irony:

[…] Kodak’s dash to transform itself into a digital heavyweight has left a painful trail: Tumbling sales of film, which still accounts for the bulk of its profits, will soon drop its global payroll below 50,000 employees from a peak of 145,300 in 1988.