Chat and Email Abbreviations

By Deane Barker on July 11, 2003

Canonical Abbreviation/Acronym List: Confused while chatting? Here’s a handy reference. AWGTHTGTATA and SBB seem handy.



  1. What on earth does “la..ers” mean???????????????????? I received it as a sign off in an email, is it supposed to be “later” or something???

    Help! Amanda

  2. Ciao Mean Hello In Italian Not goodbye Goodbye in Itialian Is Arrivederci why in hell does everyone think Ciao Is goodbye !WFT!

  3. I’ve seen mwah used as the sound one might make when kissing someone good-bye, so that may be where mmwa comes in to play?

  4. ciao is used by 2 of my italian friends as hello and as goodbye. apparently its used for both.

  5. Q. Anyone know what mmwa means from someone?

    A. I think it should be “mmwah”, which could mean a smack kiss.

  6. WTF means What the Phuck(its susposed to be F—U—< ---|<)....and W/E means what ever......d/l means download and........ttyl means talk to you later

  7. you guys are all fuck heads who dont kno what any of these abreviations are which is pretty pathetic. what is even more pathetic is that you talk to other people on the internet to find out what they mean.. like WTF dont yu have anybody else to ask.

  8. Yes, because we don’t automatically know what all these abbreviations means, that makes us pathetic. Yes, that’s exactly it — you nailed it. We are obviously not spending enough time in chat rooms. We suck

    • Noob (aka noob, noobie) = newbie
    • ttfn = ta ta for now (or tar tar for now if you’re English)
      imho = in my humble openion
    • lmao = laughing my ass off
    • lmmfao = laughing my mother f’ing ass off; any other letters added are swear words or the stupid ‘slang’ of foul words such as mutha instead of mother
    • rofl = rolling on (the) floor laughing
    • roflmao = see rofl and lmao

    There are web sites out there posting these things (computer slang)… but this is where I’m gonna stop now and not make this one of them.

    To the poster(s) calling everyone names and using foul language to make such a little person feel big —-> LMGDMFAO at you for being “so big” with your talk but you can’t post your real name, phone number (including area code), full postal address, e-mail address, your school schedule, what streets you walk alone on when your mommy aint with you and all that good sh-ite, |3 i o t c h!

  9. “ciao in Italian is used just as “salut” is in French. Can be “hi” or “bye” depending on context.

  10. what does asl mean, and does it have any preverted or sexual connotations? does it mean “ass hole” because when i pronounce asl it sounded alot like it.

  11. Lol this thread creases me up :P

    btw what does asl mean, and does it have any preverted or sexual connotations? does it mean ?ass hole? because when i pronounce asl it sounded alot like it.

    ASL is Age Sex Location.

    asian slang word nube :S dunno :)

  12. WTF means “what the f*“, W/E means “whatever, D/L means “download” and TTYL means” talk to you later”. Committment in my opinion is to put your trust in someone…and others are able to put their trust in you, to commit.

  13. — Noob (aka noob, noobie) = newbie —

    Actually, noob, noobie, noobette, n00b, noob dude, etc., etc., actually means a person who is mildly retarded. Or just retarded and acts like a fool. A newbie is a person who’s new and doesn’t know how something works and asks questions like “How do you upload pictures on this site?” or “How do I private message someone?”. :]

    PM = private message nube = (probably) means noob =^..^= not only Japanese people use this face.

  14. Ciao specifically translates as ‘hello’. It’s pronounced ‘chow’. The reason some people use it as goodbye is because in some (not all) parts of Italy it is ‘slang’ for goodbye as well as hello because it’s accepted by the listener as ‘until we meet again’.

    It is not accepted in Italy in print form as ‘goodbye’ because to use it in slang requires a slight downward deflection in the pronunciation or a wave of the hand so the listener ‘receives’ either a verbal or visual clue as to your meaning.

    I live in Italy and have never seen ciao used at the end of an email, letter, memo or note.

  15. Ciao is Hi in Italitan but ALSO means goodbye but like hi. There are similar words in french spanish and German and YES I speak those languages. Arrivederci is a more formal way of saying goodbye.

    A good translation would be: Ciao = Nite Nite / Arrivederci = Good Evening

    Mwah is a kiss.

    La er is pronounced like a Londoner for Later. We don’t pronounce our “t’s”



  16. People are so mean on here! Should be somebody watching this tbh.. It’s really disturbing..

  17. W/e- Whatever.. Lmao- Laughing my arse off.. D/l- Download.. D/c- Disconnected.. Lol- Laugh out loud.. Rofl- Rolling on the floor laughing.. That’s all that I can think of?

  18. lol…wow i am so thank ful to people who took the time to write down the explanations of all the words! thank you, once again!

  19. My grandparents, who spoke Italian, always told us that arrivederci was more of a ‘see you later’ kind of a comment instead of just ‘goodbye’ as ciao means.

  20. ASAP – As Soon As Possible BTW – By The Way LMAO – Laughing My Ass Off ROFL – Rolling On (the) Floor Laughing BRB – Be Right Back IDK – I Don’t Know BBL – Be Back Later BBS – Be Back Soon TTFN – Ta Ta For Now GR/G2R/GTR – Gotta Run/Got 2 Run/Got To Run TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday FYI – For Your Information FOCL – Falling Off (the) Chair Laughing GMTA – Great Minds Think Alike GFN – Gone For Now CIAO – Italian for “Hi” or “Bye” (basically a greeting or farewell)…pronounced “CHOW” Hope I could be of some help. :)

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