Airstream SkyDeck

By on September 7, 2005

Here’s something for all the Happy Wanderers… The Airstream SkyDeck; a motorhome with a rooftop deck!

I don’t know how many of these things are on the road yet, but how long do you suppose it’ll be before someone gets a moving violation for having passengers on the roof? Maybe it’s already happened.

Only $280,000. I guess I won’t be trading my old popup camper in on one just yet. Not for a while anyway.

I wonder if it’ll fit through the tunnels on Needles Highway. Hmmm.



  1. If the Needles Highway is the route through the Custer National Forest West of Mt. Rushmore, that’s a drive that everyone should take. As we were starting our drive, we looked up and saw a trip of mountain goats perched on the flat top of a tall needle and basking in the morning Sun. Very cool.

  2. That’s the place, Brenda. I wanted to link to some photos of the area, especially the two (or is it three) tunnels you go through near the top, but lost patience looking for pictures that do that stretch of highway justice.

    It’s a gorgeous drive, but even better by bike — bicycle or motorcycle.

    Is that what you call a bunch of goats, a trip?

  3. Yes, the goats were a trip. And also a trio. One more goat and they would qualify for a job at FEMA.

    I can’t imagine how a set of pictures could capture that drive. Maybe you could do it with IMAX, but I doubt it. But anyone can see why the First Americans believed that the area was sacred.

    But it’s nothing compared to Wall Drug.

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