Odd Weather

By Deane Barker on September 1, 2005

I have a Konfabulator-like desktop widget for the weather. What on Earth is going to happen on Sunday? Radioactive meteors? Broccoli shower? Teletubbies falling from the heavens?



  1. It’s probably just a high pollen count . . . but asteroids is a much more interesting theory. Although, from the looks of the pictures, they’d be asteroids of the old-fashioned “moon is made of green cheese” variety . . . perhaps it’s a plug for the upcoming “Wallace & Gromit” flick.

  2. I think those are actually supposed to be leaves blowing in the wind so I guess you should expect a windy day on Sunday. I had this same widget at some point and it also struck me ass odd.

  3. Yeah, the original Konfabulator widget had an icon like this for ‘windy’ weather.

    I always referred to it as Ooblek :-)

  4. yeah! somebody else who knows of the great Wallace & Gromit!

    Hey look, another one! My uncle showed those to me a few years back…. Loved it. Though, we might see some more who know what with the upcoming movie.

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