Mac mini Test Drive

By on August 30, 2005

Apple Computer has a limited-time deal going on; order a new Mac mini from the Apple Store online before Halloween and you can try it out for 30 days. If you don’t like it, call them up & ship it back — on Apple’s dime — for a full refund.

The mini is an even better deal these days, since Apple bumped the standard memory to 512MB on all models and made AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth standard on the 1.42MHz models. The Special Deals section of the Apple Store even has refurbished units for sale these days, starting at $429 (but I doubt the refurbs are eligible for the test drive.)

Of course, if you’ve already convinced yourself that you don’t like Macs, by all means, ignore this post.



  1. My school just bought 8 of these puppies for the yearbook. One of the people on the staff was playing with one today… well, let’s just say we made a Mac convert and it only took 10 minutes. I was so proud.

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