Opera turns 10

By on August 30, 2005

The Opera Web Browser, poster child for the niche market, turns 10 this month. Judging by our server logs, 2.8% of you are stoked. If you’re at all interested in the browser, though, don’t miss this party favor:

Party favors: Get a free Opera registration code[…] We’re giving away registration codes for as long as the party lasts!

I’ve usually kept a copy of Opera around to make sure sites look good in it, but I admit that I haven’t looked at it for a couple of years. Now there’s an excuse to get a free version, I’ll probably just get it to try it out, and I’m sure a lot of other folks will do the same. Considering that Opera is getting a lot of its funds from the mobile market these days, this seems like a pretty shrewd PR move to expand their user base.

I’ve got to give congrats to Opera, though. They’ve spent ten years charging people box software prices in a market that’s based on ‘free’, but they still manage to rise above ‘Other’ in the server logs. There must be something there that keeps people coming back for more. Any Opera users want to tell us why they prefer it?

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  1. I use Opera from time to time. It’s fast. It can save a web page along with all the images from CSS. It runs JavaScript much quicker than FF and IE (which can make some trouble when using the setTimeout() metod)

    Nevertheless, I love Firefox too much to switch to Opera… But wait, it’s not Firefox that I love — it’s Chris Pederick’s Web Developer Toolbar ;)

  2. Do they normally have a free tryout available? The party favor is free, but it looks like you get an adware version. From their download page:

    Buy Opera … you get more browser area by removing the ad-banner … you get premium e-mail support … you can enable KIOSK interface … you get reduced price on upgrades US 39

    I think I’ll kick the tires & see how she handles anyway. Maybe it’ll be worth it.

  3. No, from what I understand, entering the code gives you the ad-free version. You just have to enter your reg code to be shed of the ads.

  4. Yes, normally it is available as ad-ware, powered by thin Google AdSense bar at the top of the window. Once you’ve paid, ads are gone and you get access to Opera tech support.

  5. It’s true! Ad free once you plug in the registration code.

    The Mac version seems a tad slow to load, especially compared to Safari or Mozilla. I’ll have to give it a little more time I think.

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