P2P Whack-a-mole

By on August 29, 2005

Well, the **AA’s crackdown on the BitTorrent network has apparently reduced the number of illegal BT users. Good job, Hollywood. Is it better somehow that they’re all on eDonkey and Gnutella now?

[A] recent study by Internet analysis firm CacheLogic reports that former BitTorrent users have simply switched to eDonkey, another peer-to-peer file-sharing network.

“This is almost assuredly a result of the increased legal action toward the once-ignored BitTorrent – a game of P2P hide-and-seek,” said CacheLogic’s chief technology officer Andrew Parker.

The CacheLogic report ranked South Korea, which has the highest percentage of high-speed broadband users, as the country with the most eDonkey users, along with Italy, Germany, and Spain. The United States also saw a resurgence in the popularity of the Gnutella file-sharing network, which experienced a similar drop in popularity after music companies cracked down on its usage.

In other news, it appears that it may be impossible to place genies back into bottles. The entertainment industry needs to stop wasting time and taxpayer money, and divert its efforts into figuring out how to monetize the whole P2P thing.