You Know You Have Issues When…

By on August 27, 2005

… you find yourself playing a video game for days on end. Like the South Korean guy who died of heart failure after playing Halo almost non-stop for 3 days.

Of course, the first indication of trouble should have been when he quit his job so he could devote more time to playing the game. But three days straight?

I wonder if he’ll make the Darwin Awards.

Update: As Sauron correctly points out, the Reuters article says nothing about Halo, but the first place I saw this story — the print issue of World Magazine — did refer to Halo. After a second look at that article I see that the reference to Halo has nothing to do with the dead Korean guy; only that parents might use this story as ammunition to convince their kids to quit a Halo game a little early.

Thanks for keeping me on my toes.



  1. Wow… that’s really old.

    Though, my question is where you got the idea that it was Halo. The linked article gives no indication of the game, but other ones that I saw weeks ago said it was Starcraft.

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