SharpReader: Not Dead Yet

By on August 26, 2005

SharpReader has finally reached a new version after more than a year with no updates. No major new features other than Atom support.

Just a while ago, Omer van Kloeten had declared the patient dead on his blog.

I know software rot when I smell it and this piece of software is growing fungi like nobody’s business. As I am writing this, SharpReader takes up ~400MB of memory running on my computer while restarting it will only return it to its normal state of ~250MB of memory.

I’ve sent an email to Luke today asking him to either update the app or open it so that the community could update it. I really like this piece of software and don’t want to replace it for something else.

Glad to see that it’s returning from the brink. SharpReader is a great little reader, and it would be a shame to see it jump the shark.