Yahoo! Video Search

By Deane Barker on August 24, 2005

Has anyone else had good luck with Yahoo! video searches?

I was reading Wikipedia tonight about Alexander Karelin, the dominating Russian wrestler. The article mentioned the “Karelin Lift” where the guy just picks up other world-class, heavyweight wrestlers and tosses them backwards.

Not believing this was possible, I searched Yahoo for “Alexander Karelin,” then clicked the “video” link. Right there, as the only result, was a 37-second long video, the first half of which was exactly what was described: Karelin picks up another huge wrestler while the guy is kicking and thrashing around, and tosses him over his (Karelin’s) shoulder onto the mat.

Insane fighting move, and excellent search results. Who would have thought the two could ever go together?

(Curiously, the screencap thumbnail Yahoo! displayed in the results was not the same thumbnail as displayed on the Web page where they took the video from. They must take a screen cap from a random point in the video…maybe? The screen obviously came out of the video somewhere, and how would an algorithm know what frame is “screencap-worthy.” Gotta be random.)