Halo Coming to the Big Screen

By Deane Barker on August 24, 2005

Microsoft signs film deal for ‘Halo’ video games: This is screaming for Vin Diesel in the lead.

Microsoft Corp. has signed a deal with two film studios to make a movie based on its popular space-based video game series Halo,”

Let’s get a random fact.

If they told Vin Diesel instead of Houston, “We have a problem”, he would’ve fixed it.

Good one.

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  1. When Adobe Acrobat converts a file to pdf format, it actually emails it to Vin Diesel, who converts the file himself, and then sends it back. Frequent crashes are your crappy ISP’s fault though, not Vin Diesel’s.
    hahaha :)

  2. Well, considering the atrocities visited upon Halo by assigning such value to the storyline in Halo2, a Vin Diesel Halo movie can’t be much worse. I hope they sign the guy. In fact, I wish he was somehow injected into the Halo 2 game retroactively. I mean, would they dare stick the plant from Little Shop of Horrors in the movie with Vin Diesel? I think not, well… maybe they would – but who really cares at this point?

  3. best person for the role is Denzel Washington! I mean come on! Vin Diesel! I’ve always thought that the guy under the halo suit was black, cause only black people can be that cool

  4. COME ON! Not VIN DIESEL! He just thinks he’s tough, but he grew up rich, and did not live in da hood. Curtis “50 cent” Jackson should be Master Chief, really, I’m not joking.

  5. It should be a cgi movie no one can be as cool as a cgi master cheif and brutes and there can be cooler battles.

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