It Gave Me Flashbacks

By on August 24, 2005

…or, Rube Goldberg IT

Today’s Daily WTF is fantastic. An Integration Analyst did a diagram of a system that three companies were using to share data that just screams “path of least work and least political resistance”.

Dylan Tusler’s official job title is Integration Analyst, so he was not surprised to be called in to look at the setup for one of their major new corporate applications. He had held hopes that this new application would herald a new age in integration at their organization. […] Of course you know this wouldn’t be posted here if it went smoothly.

You have to click through and check out the diagram to get the full effect. My blood ran cold when I saw it because I realized that this is the system that every large corporate project I ever worked on was being pushed towards. I was just lucky enough to work with a lot of really sharp folks that were all trying to stop it from actually going there.



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